About Us

What We Sell

At Beanz Around the World we don’t just sell coffee, we sell lots of other tasty things like hot fresh do-nuts, cookies, muffins, shortbread, danishes, chewy granola, shmoo milkshakes and even tea!

Who We Are

We are Gary and Freddie-Ann Hall, proud owners of Beanz Around the World, Being a couple in Business creates a lifestyle unlike the everyday marriage. You get no ‘break’ from each other. It takes a different approach, but its very rewarding when you find that happy medium.

Our History

We got together in 2010 and from there Beanz Around the World was born, both coming from a catering background we formed a buisness that we’re passionate about, each day growing and learning as we go. We married in 2015 and hope to pass on our passion for great coffee to our future children.

Health & Safety

Naturally, with the well-being of so many people at stake, we take all issues surrounding heath and safety very seriously. In fact, we go beyond what is required of us by law to make sure that we have the highest standards in the industry.

We have the highest certificate in food hygiene, level 3 and we also follow a strict company health and safety policy. Prior to each job, a general risk assessment is carried out.

To guarantee the safety of us and the public, we make sure that all our electrical equipment is tested to BS7671 + BS7909. In addition, we make regular inspections of our fire extinguishers and fire blankets to ensure they are all in order and ready for use prior to any event.